David Bowie Duets With Bing Crosby! The Secrets Behind The Greatest Holiday Song Of All Time!

David Bowie Croons With Bing Crosby! Talk about one of the most unusual musical duos of all time! Legendary Musical Artist David Bowie sang a holiday duet with one of Hollywood’s legendary cr…

Source: David Bowie Duets With Bing Crosby! The Secrets Behind The Greatest Holiday Song Of All Time!

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The place of the poor

‘”Tell me Lord, if you please, by what right or title does a villein eat beef … And goose, of which they have plenty” And this troubles God. God suffers from it and I do too. For they are a sorry lot, these villeins who eat fat goose! Should they eat fish? Rather let them eat thistles and briars, thorns and straw and hay on Sunday and peapods on weekdays. They should keep watch without sleep and have trouble always; that is how villeins should live. Yet each day they are full and drunk on the best wines, and in fine clothes. The great expenditures of villeins comes at a high cost, for it is this that destroys and ruins the world. It is they who spoil the common welfare. From the villein comes all unhappiness. Should they eat meat? Rather should they chew grass on the heath with the horned cattle and go naked on all fours …”

[from a tale which was] addressed to an upper-class audience. Was this what they wanted to hear, or was it a satire on their attitude?’

-Barbara Tuchman in “ADistant Mirror” quoting from “Le Despit au Villein” (medieval chronicle)

(recorded 12/8/81)

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Foreboding (poem)





Hey old crow,

What do you know?

Can you hear the climate change?

Can you smell the wind?

Do you see the frost form

In the clear sky?


Do you call the changes

As bells that toll?

Does your voice caul


                … Beware

                                … Beware!


Will your great black beak break

On frozen pond

Will your talons claw and rend

The road kill?


Or will your black feathers

Drift in their turn

Like snow?

                                                                                                                                                By Lyndal Breen  29/8/2013

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Value of building self-esteem?

“Young people in the 20s are “quitters” with inflated egos…parents have created such a lost and useless generation. Parents have given them too much help, robbed them of independence and told them too often they were special when, in fact, they weren’t.”

Jean Twenge (San Diego State University Study)

My comment: this may be true but as a parent of this generation, I was constantly advised by ‘experts’ to protect the delicate self image and build confidence by the very interventions that are now criticised.

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Regret Ceiling

“A person can only lament actions past or words said for so long. Sooner or later they hit the ‘regret ceiling’, the full saturation point when they can’t be any sorrier for what they’ve done and start to resent the source of the regret for discomfiting them.”

from Dictionary for the Modern World, in Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald) October 8, 2011

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The problem with establishing fact from theory


“It is an acknowledged truth in philosophy that a just theory will always be confirmed by experiment. Yet so much friction, and so many minute circumstances occur in practice, which it is next to impossible for the most enlarged and penetrating mind to foresee, that on few subjects can any theory be pronounced just, till all the arguments against it have been maturely weighed and clearly and consistently refuted.”

Thomas Malthus in An Essay on the Principles of Population  1798


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from “The Thousandth Man”

“One man in a thousand, Soloman says,

       Will stick more close than a brother,

And it’s worth while seeking him half your days

     If you find him before the otherl.

Nine hundred and ninety nine depend

     On what the world sees in you,

But the thousandth man will stand your friend

     With the whole round world agin you.

Nine hundred and ninety nine can’t bide,

     The shame and mocking and laughter.

But the thousandth man will stand by your side

     To the gallows feet = and after.

from a longer work by Rudyard Kipling

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