Brave and Gay

“A movement in the shadows caught the tail of my eye, and glancing that way, I saw where on one of the side benches, withdrawn as though into a world of their own, Gault and levin leaned on each other’s shoulders and shared the same ale cup, talking together in low voices and with quiet laughter. It is a thing that happens on campaign where women are scarce, every commander knows that; but sometime, as with these two, it becomes a part of life.
Bedwyr saw where I was looking, and said with a breath of laughter, “It is well, perhaps, that our good Bishop Felicus is not here to see that. The Church would hold up its hands in horror and talk of mortal sin”
“Mortal sin … But then the Church and I have seldom seen eye to eye these five years or so. If it keeps the lads happy and in fighting trim …”
For it did keep them in fighting trim, each of them striving to be worthy of his friend, each to make the other proud of him; and I have known the love of a yellow-haired girl to make life too sweet and unnerve a man’s sword, before now.”
Rosemary Sutcliff: “Sword at Sunset”

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