Christian festivals superimposed on pagan feasts

“When we remember that the festival of St. George in April has replaced the ancient pagan feast of the Parilia; that the festival of St. John the Baptist in June has succeeded to a heathen midsummer festival of water; that the festival of the Assumption of the virgin inAugust has ousted the festival of Diana; That the feast of All Souls in November is a continuation of an old heather feast of the dead; and that the Nativity of Christ Himself was assigned to the winter solstice in December because that day was deemed the nativity of the Sun; we can hardly be thought or unreasonable in conjecturing that the other cardinal festival of the Christian Church – the solemnization of Easter – may have been in like manner, and from the like motives of edification, adapted to a similar celebration of the death and rebirth of the Phrygian god Attis at the vernal equinox”
Sir James Fraser: “The Golden Bough”

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4 Responses to Christian festivals superimposed on pagan feasts

  1. mccnmatt says:

    Interesting point. I always get a bit grumpy when I hear Christians bemoaning non-Christians as debasing Christmas with their secularism and materialism…

    Glad you liked my blog! I wonder how you heard about it? Some kind person or group on Facebook seems to pop up a link to my old posts every now and then and I get lots of (very welcome) visitors. I’d be fascinated to find out where you saw the link to “Snakes and snake beans”….

    • king1394 says:

      Your blog ‘berowrabackyard’ appeared in the Facebook page ‘Australia’s best ecology blogs’ which has about 1200 followers.

      • mccnmatt says:

        Thanks for letting me know – that’s one mystery solved! I like the idea of having a blog to keep quotes you’ve found in your reading – great way to keep track of stuff and share it!

  2. king1394 says:

    Thanks for your encouraging remark – I must get back into it

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