Labour’s 1972 Campaign Song – ‘It’s Time’

It’s Time:

Time for freedom,

Time for moving,

Time to begin,

Yes it’s Time.

Time for old folks,

Time we loved them

It’s Time to care

Yes it’s Time.

Time for children,

Time to teach them

It’s Time it was free,

Oh It’s Time.

Time for loving,

Time for caring,

It’s Time to move

Yes it’s Time.

Time for better days

To be here.

It’s Time we moved,

Oh it’s almost Time


This was the Australian Labour Party Anthem which galvanised support for Gough Whitlam to lead a change of Government from the Liberal Party which had been in power for 23 years. According to then Liberal Member of Parliament, Philip Lynch in 1973, the ‘It’s Time’ slogan was the brightest and most bouncing baby ever to be conceived and brought forth within the marriage of advertising and politics.

Recorded 23/10/1976 – ten months after the fall of Whitlam’s government.

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