Housewife by Amy Witting


If you ask me what I’m knitting

On my quick moving needles,

Out of the kind smile and the little lottery win.

Out of the sunlight moving on moving leaves.

Out of the new recipe and a hint for cleaning silver,

It’s a net.

If you ask me what I’m weaving

With fingers that work against time

Out of the little dinner,

Out of the lampshade braided in plastic ribbon

And the Evening College course in Current Affairs,

Out of the theatre tickets, the library book

And my day with Meals on Wheels,

It’s a net for under the tightrope.

And you may say it’s very fine

Considering the void below it.

It’s very fine work indeed,

As fine as spider’s web,

Considering the void below it

And the weight of the heart it must hold.”

– Amy Witting, published Sydney Morning Herald, 23/2/77

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