Benefits of television for children

“Only a few, privileged children enjoy constant attention. For the others, the majority, radio and television can make the difference between feasting and starving. Exposure to a flow of electronic words and images can be even more stretching than mothers’ chat. Concepts that once needed long explanations now flash into instant meaning – mountains, riots, alligators, skyscrapers – but safely, within familiar surroundings. Understanding merges imperceptibly into appreciation of programmed content. Other faces, other voices, most importantly, other attitudes, are brought into the under-five’s life and he loses that dangerous (and often limiting) dependence on one person.

-Joy Whitby: ‘Electronic Toys’ from ‘Mother’s Help’ edited S. Dickenson.

(noted 29-9-78)  … I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old at the time!

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