Leadership and class

“There is no doubt that a leading group, be it in economic life, politics or some other important social activity need not only be highly gifted in some special direction, but must consist on the average of what is usually called strong personalities, possessing to a high degree some general aptitude …

One may assume that the very best of the lower class climb into the upper class, so that the remainder of the former may be somewhat inferior to the average of the latter. But on the other hand, the children of the higher classes must be supposed to grow up in a sheltered position, protecting them from failing quickly, even if they lack talent, and this fact presumably alters the balance in favour of the poor.”

-Vilfredo Pareto: early 20th Century sociologist and economist. Quote from Richard Hall: ‘The Real John Kerr’ (recorded 28/1/1979)

[Sir John Kerr was the Australian Governor General who dismissed the Whitlam Labour Government]

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