A Year and a Day

I shall remember miraculous things you said

  My whole life through –

Things to go unforgotten till I am dead;

  But the hundredfold, adorable ways of you,

The tilt of your chin for laughter, the turn of your head

  That I loved, that I knew –

Oh, while I fed on the dreams of them, these have fled!

Words which no time can touch are my life’s refrain,

  But each picture flies.

All that was left to hold till I meet you again,

  Your mouth’s deep curve, your brows where the shadow lies,

These are the things I strive to capture in vain,

  And I have forgotten your eyes,

And the way that your hair spun curls in the beating of rain.

=by Kathleen Coates, quoted by Vera Brittain in “Testament of Youth”




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